BBQ professor SAKAKI

Mission as a BBQ Professor

Until his appearance, Japan’s BBQ was mainly an imitation of overseas BBQ, but with his appearance, it became possible to transmit Japan’s unique BBQ culture to the world.

In particular, there is a misinformation that BBQ originated in the United States.

Japan has a traditional food culture of Japan, which can be traced back to the Jomon period about 10,000 years ago. In particular, charcoal grilled dishes have a very long history and are attractive.

He is researching these as BBQs in Japan and working to preserve them for future generations.

His mission is to scientifically unravel the technology of BBQ and teach its principles to a wide audience.

By taking a scientific approach to BBQ, people recognize the need for a variety of knowledge.

It is necessary for both individuals and society for people to learn about things they did not know before, and to become interested in things that they were not interested in before.

As a result, he hopes that BBQ will contribute to a sustainable society.

BBQ is a highly leisure meal, so of course it needs to be bold and gorgeous. But that’s not all, he works to make it an opportunity for a well-educated meal.